A Security Framework That Fits Your Organization

Manage the organization of requirements that drive your program's design

Cyber Progress Index Framework Designer

A major component of making progress in any organization is to appropriately define security. This is best achieved by first establishing a set of requirements that align to your business objectives and best practices. These requirements should all relate to each other and be incorporated into the various policy areas, programs and processes within your security effort. Our Framework Designer uses a simple interface to help you identify these requirements and align to our CPI model.

How It Works

The tool selects the frameworks that align with your business objectives and consolidates them into a single framework. Below are a few categories of frameworks we use:

Best Practice Security Frameworks
There are several security best practices frameworks. The two most recognized are the ISO and NIST series, which are often most efficient when combined in the right balance.
Industry Guidance

Many industries or organizations that manage certain data types are subject to various compliance requirements. These include FINRA for broker dealers or PCI for organizations that manage credit cards.

Demographic and Data Regulations

Regulations can apply based on an organization's location or the global nature of the business, as well as the types of information managed.

How It Benefits You

Our framework designer reduces the time and effort it takes to build a comprehensive cyber security framework

Saves Time

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Based on your business objects, we identify and build out a consolidated framework. No more manual spreadsheets.

Regulation Updates

Frameworks are updated when new releases come out. No need to remember when to update your framework - we'll do it for you.

Easy Updates

Do you need to change what frameworks you need to align to? Just update your preferences and the framework designer will do the rest.

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