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A security baseline assessment measures small and strictly defined inputs. These inputs center around how security is defined in an environment, how that definition is measured, how the information from those measurements is communicated to stakeholders, and how those decisions are implemented.

How It Works

Our baseline assessment's proprietary algorithm evaluates your cyber security program in the following four areas:


Your current cyber security program state defined as a benchmark for a point of reference


Check your ability to improve based on your initial benchmark


Enable management to make informed decisions with effective communication


Support the execution of management decisions

How It Benefits You

Measure your internal processes to enable progress and informed decision making

Proven Effective

Our methodology is based on over 20 years of experience in both small and large organizations and several published books on the subject.

Your Score on Your Terms

You answer the questionnaire based on your organization. No third parties are assessing your organization with limited knowledge.

Easy to Understand

The questions are simple so that anyone in your organization can answer them. If you don’t understand a question, that’s okay. We can help guide you through the process.

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