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A security program is made of different components and sub-programs that work together to measure and communicate information and ultimately support decision making in a systematic manner. Our premium guides give you easy-to-understand next steps.

Benchmark: Define Your Security Efforts

Create a benchmark for security in the environment that enables for a point of measurement. In most organizations, this is established for security through a suite of security policies, standards, as well as, program and process documentation.

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Security Charter Program >

Security Policy Development >

Security Process Development >

Measurement: Identify Issues that Require Attention
Implement processes for consistently measuring the environment against the established benchmark. This is generally managed through the security risk management program for the organization.  

Program Measurement Guide >

Decision: Make Informed Decisions

Organize information from regular measurements of the environment against the established benchmark and then present this information to management in a format that enables them to make an informed decision.

Execution: Support the Implementation of Decisions

This is the performance of security specific tasks associated with the security program, as well as supporting the business in the implementation of their security remediation activities as required.

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