Helping You Connect the Dots

Better information and informed decision making

Our Vision

Using Cyber Progress Index enables you to score your organization’s cyber security to make informed decisions. We’ve designed Cyber Progress Index to serve as a guide on your cyber security journey. We act as a partner that supports your organization’s perspective and interests — we’re not a regulator who wants to fine you, an insurer that wants to maximize premiums, or a business partner whose interests lie with their own needs.

Purpose and Core Beliefs

Our core belief is that when you improve an organizations ability to make informed decisions about cyber security, you improve its ability to manage cyber security.

Cyber Progress Index (CPI) is designed to be used at your own pace and in a confidential manner. You control who knows your score, we do not share it with your business partners, insurers, or anyone else that could use the information to make decisions about whether to do business with you, insure you, or fine you.

We believe in validation over certification. Certification tells you what you must have, while validation brings a human perspective to support the best decision making for your environment.

How Cyber Progress Index Helps

Cyber Progress Index helps organizations of any size understand, manage, and improve the health of their cyber security practices.

CPI Score

Your organization will receive a free CPI score which can be used to determine the current state of your cyber security posture.

CPI Tools

Based on your score, CPI provides tools and recommendations to help your organization improve its cyber security health over time.